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By: Anita Johnson
Genre: General Fiction
Keywords: Adult, Space, Stars, Fiction, Romance

Orion, is on a space mission when she is struck by cupid’s arrow.

Novel Finds Out if Love Conquers all…Even in Outer Space

In this galactic-size romance, Commander Susan Davis, pilot of the shuttle Orion, is on a space mission when she is struck by cupid’s arrow. The widow isn’t looking for love, but finds it anyway in Orion, an out-of-this-world novel. Astronaut Chance Walker has been waiting five years for a private moment to tell the woman he loves about his star-struck affections. On one special night, both their lives are changed forever.

The novel Orion takes a look at a woman’s second chance at love. The story is filled with joy, passion, tears, as well as a near-death experience. This soul-searching journey travels to the limits to see if romance can be found in the stars.

About the Author: A. S. Johnson is a disabled veteran who has always had a passion for writing. At nine years old, her goal was to go to college, become an astronaut, and the first woman on the moon. A Navy brat, she is the youngest daughter of six children. She attended Northwest Missouri State University and now lives in Phoenix. She is writing her next romance.


This book is not a typical romance. Readers who enjoy science fiction mixed with romance, a plot hard to find in many novels, will be happy to discover this book. The main character, Susan, is a Commander for a space shuttle. She is also a widow; she still grieves for her husband. Although she is not looking for love, she finds love via Chance. Chance, also an astronaut, has loved Susan from afar. Through a series of fast-paced events, the reader eagerly follows the love story between Susan and Chance.

For readers who are not fans of romance, there is more to the plot than love scenes. The novel does not have many slow, lingering scenes. The author does not allow the reader time to despair of a possible romance, Chance and Susan become "more than colleagues" quickly. There is plenty of dialogue and drama. Science fiction buffs will enjoy many scenes involving space shuttles and even some laboratory features-specifically health assessments. The author clearly did research; the dialogue between the astronauts and the ground will sound official.

The ending is both satisfying and happy. The reader is not left on a cliff-hanger or too surprised-though the author does have one or two in store! This novel will be enjoyed by adults who like romance and fiction.-By Chels

This is such a great romance, and it is so refreshing to read a romance novel nowadays that is not "smutty".... keep up the great work and cannot wait to read your future novels :)-By Kozzy

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SoftcoverBook price: 14.50

ISBN: 9781609765453

Book Details
Release Year: 2010
# Pages: 238
Word Count: 73291
Grade Reading Level: GL812
Publisher: SBPRA

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